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Pipeline integrity management is a process for assessing and mitigating pipeline risks in an effort to reduce both the likelihood and consequences of incidents. Distribution Construction, LLC has a highly qualified team of employees that provides expertise to the most demanding standards in fields of natural gas pipeline design, construction, and maintenance.
As a full-service provider, we work with local distribution companies (LDCs) to implement an integrity management program using a three basic steps process:

  • High Consequence Area (HCA) Identification – Locations along pipeline systems that meet the criteria for High Consequence Areas are identified. Generally, these are high population areas or difficult to evacuate facilities, such as hospitals, prisons or schools, and locations where people congregate, such as churches, office buildings, or playgrounds.
  • Threat Identification and Risk Assessment – Information about the pipeline segments are evaluated to identify the threats or concerns to the pipe and to assess risk.
  • Risk Analysis – A systematic process, in which potential hazards from facility operations are identified, and the likelihood and consequences of potential adverse events are estimated. Each pipeline segment is given a numerical score based on the estimated risk.
Our goals are to assist LDCs to proactively identify and address problems before they affect the safety and reliability of services to consumers.

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