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The most common cause for repairs on pipeline systems is external/internal corrosion that deteriorates the thickness of the pipe wall. To prevent corrosion from causing a pipeline rupture, the area containing the corrosion damage must be reinforced.
In performing joint repairs, we use the latest technology, which consists of fiber-reinforced composite repairs. This method of repair is widely used as an alternative to the most commonly used method of welded full-encirclement steel sleeves.
The recent advances in composite reinforcement repair technology now allow us to perform in-service repairs that are both cost-effective and eliminate unscheduled shutdowns. By using this method we reduce many of the hazards and problems associated with welding metal sleeves, or cutting and replacing pipeline sections.
By using the latest technology, we have become a one stop solution for crucial leak repair problems providing customers an effective, time and cost efficient solution for the repair and corrosion protection of both transmission and distribution pipeline systems.

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