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Distribution Construction, LLC has a multi-disciplinary management team that is equipped to provide natural gas transmission, distribution, and utilization services ranging from project feasibility studies and cost estimates to utility operations and maintenance.
Our full-range capabilities puts clients in a better position for making informed and valid decision about project requirements in terms of budgetary amounts, materials costs, and manpower levels needed to complete a project in a cost-effective, efficient manner. We also assist in the formulation of environmental risk mitigation strategies, contributing to successful project delivery.
At Distribution Construction, LLC, we believe experienced people are the difference between success and failure, and have built our business on hiring and developing some of the most experienced people in the industry.
Our seasoned professionals have more than 20 years in the boring business, and have completed more than a 1,000 projects in nearly every soil condition imaginable.
In addition, we lead the industry in balancing cost-effective solutions with environmental protection.
When it comes to non-invasive horizontal directional drilling, we utilize the latest technology to ensure a best possible result for our clients.
A safe, reliable natural gas pipeline system plays an important part in the life of any community. Pipelines are also essential to the nation’s industries and are the safest and most efficient manner of transporting natural gas to consumers.
Distribution Construction, LLC works hard to construct and maintain a safe and reliable pipeline system for our clients. We take many pro-active steps to ensure the health, safety and security of the communities that are impacted by our construction operations.
The Department of Transportation imposes rigorous standards for pipeline design, construction, maintenance, testing, and operations. Our policies and procedures are focused to meet and, in most cases, exceed these standards. Our commitment to safety begins before a pipeline is built or expanded. The result, according to government statistics, is the safest transportation system in the nation today.
The most common cause for repairs on pipeline systems is external/internal corrosion that deteriorates the thickness of the pipe wall. To prevent corrosion from causing a pipeline rupture, the area containing the corrosion damage must be reinforced.
In performing joint repairs, we use the latest technology, which consists of fiber-reinforced composite repairs. This method of repair is widely used as an alternative to the most commonly used method of welded full-encirclement steel sleeves.
The recent advances in composite reinforcement repair technology now allow us to perform in-service repairs that are both cost-effective and eliminate unscheduled shutdowns. By using this method we reduce many of the hazards and problems associated with welding metal sleeves, or cutting and replacing pipeline sections.
By using the latest technology, we have become a one stop solution for crucial leak repair problems providing customers an effective, time and cost efficient solution for the repair and corrosion protection of both transmission and distribution pipeline systems.

Natural gas is highly pressurized as it travels through an interstate pipeline. To ensure that the natural gas flowing through any one pipeline remains pressurized, compression of this natural gas is required periodically. Distribution Construction, LLC extensive knowledge and experience in the fabrication of compressor stations is number one reason for clients utilizing our services. 
Our workforce is proficient in all facets of station and fabrication work including site layout and grade work, concrete installation, setting and grouting of equipment, fabrication and installation of pipe assemblies, sandblasting and painting of complete facilities, and building procurement and erection. 
We also embrace the responsibility to protect the environmental by restoring affected sites to pre-construction conditions or better.

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