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The executive leadership team, management, and employees at Distribution Construction, LLC (DC) are committed to Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) practices to ensuring a safe and healthy workplace for all employees, as well as, protecting the environment. The following principles guide and measure our goals and objectives in HSE:

  • We conduct our business in order to meet or exceed all applicable laws and regulations. More importantly, we will minimizes risk to our employees, the public, and the environment;
  • We are committed to continuously improving our Health, Safety, and Environment performance;
  • We continually promote employee safety on and off the job;
  • We believe all occupational injuries and illnesses are preventable;
  • We respect the diverse environments and cultures in which we operate;
  • We endeavor to do business with subcontractors who share our Health, Safety, and Environment commitment, and we regularly assess their performance;
  • We support open communication by engaging employees at all levels of the organization in developing, implementing, and enforcing safety solutions;
  • We encourage reporting of all Health, Safety, and Environment related hazards, potential hazards, incidents, and near-hits.  We take every report seriously, investigate to identify facts, and ensure immunity for good-faith reporting of all incidents and issues.

DC’s commitment is upheld through an integrated management system (IMS) to focus our activities and continually improve our health, safety, and environmental performance.  The two aspects which make up the IMS include: (1) The framework and (2) The continual improvement cycle. The system framework is used to capture, organize, and document DC’s commitment and expectations when it comes to managing our health, safety, and environmental responsibilities. The continual improvement cycle is comprised of eleven key elements in addition to the framework as follows:

  • Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Policy - To demonstrate a high level of commitment from leadership and all personnel for the success of the HSE Management System; furthermore, it will clearly define expectations for all employees’ HSE performance;
  • Risk and Regulatory Assessment - To anticipate, identify, and evaluate HSE risks prioritizing HSE activities, to mitigate HSE exposures, and to provide direction toward continuous improvement in a cost effective manner;
  • Objectives and Targets - To develop and document HSE objectives and targets in order to ensure continual improvement;
  • Structure and Responsibility - To define and communicate clear lines of accountability throughout the Company, allowing HSE Management System requirements to be established, implemented, maintained, and continuously improved upon;
  • Operational Controls - To provide a consistent and agreed upon approach to managing the Company’s business activities that may have the potential to impact employee health, safety, or the environment;
  • Subcontractor Management - To anticipate, prevent, manage, and mitigate HSE risks associated with the use of contracted services and supplies;
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response - To limit damage to people, property, the environment and Company operations in the event of any emergency situation.
  • Training and Awareness - To provide HSE training and awareness to proactively manage HSE risks and conditions.
  • Documents and Records - To manage all associated HSE records and documents in such a manner that this information is available to employees and external agencies (if and when it is required).
  • Communication and Reporting - To maintain and improve leadership, employee, and other stakeholders' awareness. Furthermore, the understanding of health, safety, and environmental objectives, and performance.
  • Performance, Audit and Review - To identify and implement corrective and preventative measures to continually improving the Company’s HSE performance, as reflected in the HSE Commitment.

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